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Nineout - Keep The Board Clean

Keep the fields of the board free for as long as possible, remove as many tiles as you can and move up through the levels. NineOut is back, with an exciting new playing mode without any time limit – making strategy all the more important.

Lay your game tiles on the board so that the total of the surrounding tiles exactly equals the number on the tiles laid out. Using this simple principle, destroy tiles and uncover hidden tiles. Try to keep control of the board. Each level offers you a limited number of moves – take as much time as you need. As the game progresses and you reach the higher levels, you will get more and more points but fewer moves.

Compare your score and level attained with other NineOut2 players via the global high-score ranking.

NineOut 2 offers

  • A slowly increasing level of difficulty
  • Combos for getting lots of points
  • No time limit, instead a limited number of moves
  • A tutorial
  • Three global high-score rankings: Best Score, Best Level, Best Average Score
  • Local high-score rankings